1924 Society for Human Rights in chicago,first gay rights organization
1948 Alfred Kinsley published book to shine light on gays, it became a better known topic "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male"
1956 Daughters of Bilitis, first lesbian organization
1962 Illinois became first state to discriminate against homosexuals being together.
1969 Police invaded gay bar, gays fought back, turned into what is known as the "stonewall riots" sparked gay rights movement he American 1973 The American Psychiatric Association took homosexuality off of the list of mental disorders
1982 Wisconsin first state to make discrimination against homosexuals illegal
1996 Romer vs. Evans supreme court denies Colordo's 2nd amendment, non protection from discrimination for homosexuals. They called them "special rights". But Justice Anthony Kennedy said its not special rights when it threatens to change free society
2000 Vermont first state to legally recognize civil unions between gay or lesbian couples
2004 same sex marriage became legal in Massachusetts
2005 civil union legal in Connecticut
2007 House of Representatives makes equal rights in workplaces for everyone
2008 New York recognizes same sex marriages even if occurred in another state. Same rights as married couples