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In the late 1970’s a politician ran. Harvey Milk was a role model for most in the gay community. Harvey Milk was the first openly gay politician, technically he was a supervisor for San Francisco. Many people sent him letters saying that good thing that the gays are coming out. But others sent letters calling him a male whore, and a pedophile, all because he was gay. He was the inspiration for a gay film "The Times Of Harvey Milk". The film was not a documentary but it showed the private life of a gay man. In 1984 things were different, so this movie opened the eyes to many people who had not even known the difference between the way people where treated. While on the job for San Francisco he supported only two laws the one against antigay discrimination and one about people cleaning up dog waste after their own dogs. He established alliances between gay groups and other organizations. Because of his great reputation with the gay community he was nicknamed Mayor of Castro Street. In 1978 the "White Riots" occurred, Harvey Milk was shot and killed along side the mayor George Moscone. Their murderer was Dan White and he was sentenced to death for man slaughter.