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Charlie Howard

In 1984 in Bangor, Maine, Charlie Howard faced his tragic death. He was one of the many unfortunate homosexuals who experienced the physical abuse of the anti-gay offenses. Throughout his childhood, Charlie had a tough time. He had a learning disability and severe asthma that made it hard to participate in sports and other physical activities. Charlie was constantly taunted with words like "sissy" and "faggot". Though it is common to be teased in such manner as a young homosexual, Charlie faced it the hard way. His case relates to the topic of gay rights because he, like most, struggled as a child and ended up the victim of discriminating forces such as the ones who beat him up and drowned him. Even after death, the discriminating grew. That shows how Charlie's experience of gay bashing was a true hate crime and a symbolization of American intolerance.

Us and Them by Jim Carnes